How to Buy Text Books Cheap

As a college student one of your goals is to save money as much as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to buy your textbooks as cheaply as possible.

Tip #1

Never buy your textbooks from your book store!

I cannot stress this enough never buy your textbooks from the bookstore. Most colleges work with companies in order to provide a large variety of text books for their students however these companies charge way too much for their books. Do not ever ever use them. Instead shop around.

Tip #2

Start Early

The sooner you start the better the deals and the more options you have to choose from. Sometimes the best deals ares sold from third party sellers and they only have one copy so if you don’t act fast it will be gone. Also places will change their prices as the semester gets closer, so it is best to act sooner rather than later. I suggest starting two weeks before the semester starts.

Tip #3

Compare Shopping

Do not just go with what you think is the best price. There are websites like this one that compare price, shipping and quality. This saves time and money.

Tip #4

Use Thiftbooks

For non textbook class reading use Thiftbooks. Thiftbooks gives you free shipping on orders over $15 and almost every book is under $5. I have a class this semester that requires three books that I could have found at Barnes and Nobel for over $30 but instead got all of them with shipping for $15.

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Tip #5


If all else fails just use Amazon. Amazon is a great place to buy textbooks because it has third party sellers and the main store. Also if you have prime (which is available to students at a discounted rate) then you are available for two day shipping. Which is perfect for those who may not have been able to follow tip number two.