Date Night Ideas


As a young couple it seems we run into the problem of running out of ideas for dates. So to challenge myself I came up with over 100 dates for each season of the year. I hope this helps you no matter what time of the year. Leave your comments below of your favorite date idea or any suggestions for this list.

Winter Time:

  1. Ice Skating
  2. Snow Tubing
  3. Making Christmas Cookies
  4. Christmas Movie Marathon
  5. Try out local breweries
  6. Double Date Board Game Night
  7. Mall Walk
  8. Spa Day/Night
  9. Go antiquing
  10. Indoor mini-golf
  11. Indoor go-kart racing
  12. Progressive Dinners with other couples
  13. Museums
  14. Indoor Rock Climbing
  15. Write each other love letters for the future
  16. Go to a sports event
  17. Have an arcade date
  18. read books by the fireplace
  19. Go to winter farmer’s market
  20. Rent a cabin for a night
  21. Volunter at a soup kitchen
  22. Host your own dinner party
  23. Build a Gingerbread house
  24. Vist your local winery
  25. Shop for an “Angle” together
  26. Lounge

Spring Time:

  1. Zoo Trip
  2. Easter Egg hunt
  3. Paint Pottery
  4. Go Container shopping
  5. Spring Cleaning
  6. Make Candles
  7. Laser Tag
  8. Kaokee
  9. Korean Kaokee
  10. Korean Barbeque
  11. Escape room
  12. Scavenger hunt
  13. Do a walk-a-thon
  14. Visit the nature reserve
  15. Drag Bingo
  16. Go for a bike ride
  17. Visit the park
  18. Tour near by towns/ neighborhoods
  19. Drive-in movie theater
  20. Go to a theme park
  21. Bar Tivia
  22. Start a garden
  23. Go to a fish fry
  24. Visit the city
  25. Go to a baseball game
  26. Dye Eggs


Summer Time:

  1. Volunteer at the local food pantry
  2. Go to farmers markert
  3. Go to art shows/crawls
  4. Summer concerts
  5. Archery
  6. 5K
  7. Go river rafting
  8. Go canoeing
  9. Try star Gaze
  10. Go to a water park
  11. Go to an ice cream parlor
  12. Go on a hike
  13. Go swimming
  14. Watch fireworks
  15. Have a picnic
  16. Go to the beach/ Lake
  17. Outdoor movie in the backyard
  18. Go on a vacation
  19. Read outside
  20. Have dinner outside
  21. Make popsciles
  22. Play pickup games like cornhole, ultimate frisbee, or kickball
  23. Outdoor concert
  24. Grill cook out
  25. Rent a sailboat
  26. Pick Berries

Fall Time:

  1. Thrift shop
  2. Go for a hike in a scenic area
  3. Go apple picking on an apple orchard
  4. Go pumpkin picking in a pumpkin patch
  5. Enjoy a hayride
  6. Cuddle next to each other at a bonfire
  7. Starbucks date with the PSL
  8. Book store date with Jane Eyre?
  9. Costume Shopping
  10. Halloween party
  11. Friendsgiving party
  12. Roast nuts
  13. Go see a play
  14. Go to a football game
  15. Make your own apple cidar
  16. Get lost in a corn maze
  17. Spoke each other in a haunted house
  18. Bake a pie together
  19. Make your own candy apples
  20. Make your own carmel apples
  21. Carve a pumpkin
  22. Take a long drive to see the leaves
  23. Go to your Alma Mater’s Homecoming cermonies
  24. Guided ghost tour
  25. Fall farmer’s market
  26. Scary movie marathon

All Year:

  1. Take cooking classes
  2. Take a spin with dance lessons
  3. Join a book club
  4. Try scuba lessons
  5. Enjoy the views of the local botanical garden
  6. Museums
  7. Festivals
  8. Go to the movies and see what’s playing
  9. Go out to a nice restaurant
  10. Netflix and Chill