What’s in My Bag

Let’s first talk about my bag. I absolutely love this bag. I can’t tell you how long I waited to have this particular tote….. 3 years. Yes I waited 3 years for one purse and I love it. Why do you love this particular tote so much you might ask?

Look how big it is! You can find this tote at Madewell. I love Madewell’s totes especially because you can personalize them just like I did with mine 🙂


It has a nice little pocket too at the top for all my small things. Such as my lipstain. Speaking of lipstain, I always carry around lipgloss, lipstick, or a lipstain. It just depends on what I’m using that day. Today I was wearing NYX which you can find at Ulta.  The shade I was wearing Milan.


Next you’ll always find me carrying my wallet. This was a Christmas gift from my mom. I’m a sucker for Kate Spade. I love this wallet because it has space for everything. All my cards, room for my cash, and receipts.


I also will be carrying my I-pad. This was a much needed Christmas gift from my boyfriend Lorenzo. He also gave me the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. I use this daily for blogging, homework, and general life. Honestly most of my posts have been written and designed on this thing. I love it so much. I also take my notes on it as well.

Recently I’ve been taking my Macroeconomic book with me everywhere. I’ve been taking notes whenever I can. I take all my notes on my IPad using the Apple Pencil. Again I love this tote because it holds so much of what I need.

I also carry a notebook, because I never know when I’m going to need to take notes for school work or just jot down numbers to call. I carry this with me at all times too.


Finally, I always have a water bottle with me at all times just because I like to stay hydrated. Being hydrated is actually my number one step in my beauty routine, so I always make sure I have something to drink with me at all times.

This is what I carry in my purse on a weekly basis. What do you carry in your purse? Do you switch it up everyday or do you keep your contents pretty consistent like me? Let me know and comment below, I would love to see what you ladies carry.